Wireless Security in the UK and Europe

"Ground breaking survey reports over 5000 unprotected wireless Wi-Fi Local Area Networks in London, you do not have to be next door to connect to the network"

The BBC News reported "Hacking with a Pringles tube"
"Every World City or Town is Affected" - MSNBC " Wireless worries in a 9/11 world"

ICC Commercial Press Release The BBC News reports "Wireless London is wide open"

Don't delay someone may be in your PC or LAN, stealing vital information, reading your e-mail, downloading your data, accessing your Internet access, watching credit card transactions.
Companies have an obligation to protect data held by them under the Data Protection Act.


Who is affected? - Medium to small companies, blue chip companies are all affected, banks, accountancy firms, law firms, government, police, prisons, hospitals, media companies, and home users.

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